primus poster, denver co.
Primus Denver Posters. 10/17 & 10/18, 2011
silkscreened by zoltron and dave hunter. 4 color, with metallic gold. artist signed and numbered.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a very short run with lots of interest. there are 4 different posters available. 2 versions from each night. you can buy 2 posters total (1 from each show or 1 red and one white from one show, etc.) per person per household. multiple orders will be refunded. thanks, tiger.

please allow appx 2 weeks for delivery.

monday, october 17th, show edition. 20 available. thick 110# gloss stock.
sold out, thank you.

tuesday, october 18th, show edition. 20 available.
sold out, thank you.

monday, october 17th, red vellum variant edition. 10 available.
sold out, thank you.

monday, october 18th, red vellum variant edition. 10 available
sold out, thank you.

Some photos from the Primus poster printing session. Monday's show is red and gold. Tuesday's show is gold and red. Posters are available at the Denver shows, limited to 100 each night. A small amount of artist copies and red variants will be available here on Weds, 10/19.

Release is slated for between 11 and 12 (pst)

dave and the keyplate
gold and yellow
black plate
drying racks
red vellum