Primus and the Chocolate Factory Halloween Poster 2014
note: limited artist release + variants the week of Nov 3, here.

Oct 31, 2014 - Beacon Theatre, NY
6 color silkscreen
18" X 24" - edition of 250
artist signed and numbered

stay tuned for online release, here.

When the kids showed up at the gates,
Willy smiled and gave them each a lollypop.

He proceeded to explain the day’s itinerary.
A glorious tour of his enigmatic chocolate factory.

He lead them down the stairs and past the cobwebs, into the small cinderblock room.
By the time the children walked into Willy's mom's basement, the lollypops had begun to take effect.

Instead of seeing the confines of the dreary cellar, the kids saw what appeared to be a massively decadent factory of sumptuous, delicious candy.
Little orange people were bustling about, busying themselves with menial tasks, like pouring chocolate milk and polishing giant mushrooms.

The children glared ahead, smiling, enamored.
Glazed. Vacant. Oblivious.

The formula was working and Willy's coveted tour was about to begin…

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