Black Keys Poster - Charlotte, NC
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Dec 12, 2014 - Trun Blue World Tour
22" X 29" - 5/C Screen Print
Signed and Numbered Edition of 300

Thanks to Fielding for the Invitation to do a second Keys Poster. This one riffs off a similar vibe, pre-war skeletal blues, using the eye-fry colors from their recent album cover. I printed these bigger than my normal posters and went with an unfamiliar siezure-inducing color palette. Really happy with how they turned blue out.

note: I'll be releasing a limited amount of low-numbered posters as well as a few shiny, sticky and otherwise tripindicular posters sometime during the week of 12/15, here, on this very page.

regular edition #/300 - 19" X 27" embossed, signed
sold, thank you

silver gloss variant, no light blue ink. 19" X 27" signed edition of 20
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vinyl sticker poster 19" X 27" signed edition of 20
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holographic film, laminated paper 19" X 27" signed edition of 20
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north korean freedom foil, 19" X 27" signed edition of 10
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